How To Buy SEO Traffic To Increase Organic Visits

The basic concept is that the more traffic you have from Google or other search engines the better are you organic SEO positions overall. So this simple trick is about first giving your website more organic visits so that the search engines start to see your website as a more popular one and deserving higher positions in the search engine results pages(SERPs).

This SEO strategy does not substitute all other fundamental ones like link building, proper made texts, etc., you still need to have a solid backlinks profile and properly optimized texts on your website. The basic minimum you should have to start is your website is already ranked in at least Top 100 for the keywords you focus on. If no one can find your website then there is simply no way to deliver 100% real people by organic visits.

Google SEO CTR Improvement

Why does it work?

First, we need to understand what CTR(Click Through Rate) is. CTR is simply how many people clicked at your website divided by how many people have seen your website in the SERP. Google and other search engines use CTR to determine how attractive your website looks to the people making searches comparing to other websites. Read this quite comprehensive research on CTR: Why You NEED to Raise Organic CTR’s (And How to Do It) to understand better what are talking about here.

So basically the better CTR your website has the higher it should be in the SERPs, but of course not too much so it would not look artificial hence we want it to be slightly better than the competitors.

How can I know my current CTR?

Google SEO CTR Click

Google already has a pretty powerful tool available to all webmasters free of charge. You need to activate Google Search Console for webmasters and use Performance Report to monitor your current CTR values. Don’t be surprised that some data may be refreshed with delays up to several days, so don’t expect quick results and prepare yourself to wait at least a few weeks to get any noticeable changes in the positions.

What should you do?

We have developed the CTR Calculator so you can easily estimate how many clicks you need to achieve your goal. We recommend not to set the total amount of clicks right away and increase it gradually depending on the difference between your current positions and the target ones. In other words, if for example, your website has just 10 clicks per day for the keyword then don’t make it +100 right away, make it +5 the first week, then +10, +20, etc., increasing gradually after Google processes the incrementation.

Once you have achieved the target position you can lower the purchase of clicks and focus on other keywords. We still recommend maintaining paid SEO traffic for already achieved keywords to make your positions more stable but it is totally up to you. Just keep in mind that everything in SEO changes rapidly and watch your CTR and positions to not miss any possible changes.

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