GEO or Language Targeted
YouTube Views

With our new YouTube Views targeting service you can buy views from different countries or target only particular languages

20 November 2020

Even though all the YouTube Views we deliver are from real people sometimes it just doesn't make much sense if the viewer is from a country you have no economic interest in or the viewer cannot understand the language used in the video.
For such orders we have introduced special targeting options using which you can choose only the viewers who are geographically present in the region you are interested in or who speak the language.

It is much more beneficial to your video promotion campaign to purchase only the views your target auditory is in, if your business is in the USA then of course it makes little sense if the views come from Indonesia for example.

Or your video is in Spanish then you probably want to target not just Spain but Peru, Colombia, Argentina and other Spanish-speaking countries.

There are about 85 different countries you can increase YouTube Views from and 6 major languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Arabic. Please note that you can either choose Language targeting or GEO targeting, the 2 different types cannot be combined.

To commence the targeting you need to purchase credits for exactly the country or language you need. If you need multiple countries you need to purchase and create a project for each of the countries.

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