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PTC Sites
Get Paid From $0.05 per Click

We provide access to our collection of best trusted PTC sites and guarantee monthly payments.

We Pay For Your Clicks

Access hundreds of PTC websites from just one single admin panel.

Safe Payments

Our trusted service guarantees regular monthly payments for your work online.

Work From Home

You can work from any location, no matter if you are in India or in United States we will accept all your clicks.

Trusted Software

We use our own professionally made software to keep track of your performance to guarantee your stable maximum profit.

Earn Your Beer Money

Whenever you have a few minutes to do some easy work just activate our Firefox plugin and click at a few sites, you will be generously rewarded the next month.

Stable Monthly Payouts

Every month from 1st to 5th day we do payouts to all our contractors.
The basic earning for every click you made is $0.05, usually we have dozens of tasks available to every one.

Realtime Earnings Reports

In your member area you will have access to all the reports of your activity
You can see your current progress, tasks done, money earned, payouts sent.
The software allows you to get all the information in self-help mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find an answer for your question please
Contact us at [email protected]

How do I start to work?

Please register here and head over to the page Software page in order to get instructions on how to install our software and start to use it.

Why my click hasn't been registered?

Yes it definitely does!
We thoroughly track all that all the requirements are met:

  • You have entered the correct keyword exactly as it was provided
  • You clicked at the correct link
  • You didn't click at any ads
  • You didn't click at the Back button before the task was complete
  • You didn't use any proxies
A click may be not registered if any requirements of the task havn't been met.

Can I register more than 1 account?

No you cannot, if we find out you have multiple accounts we will have to close them all.

How can I get more tasks?

We encourage you to interact more with the target website, watch videos, read articles, scroll, click etc.
Better behaviour will increase your rating.

Why my account was closed?

In case our system detects any suspicious activity like using proxies, vpns and/or any privacy or automation tools your account will be suspended.

How often can I receive payouts?

We do payouts in the first 5 days of every month, the minimum payout is $5.

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